Campus Security
1. Scope of Service
24-hour security service is rendered to the University community by a team of professional security guards.  The Estates Office (EO) will render security service to all campus areas except Student Residence Halls and Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House where security service will be managed by other offices.

2. Security Control Room
Shaw Campus (SC): Li Promenade near David C. Lam Building 3411 7777 (ext. 7777)
Baptist University Road Campus (BURC) : Level 1, Academic and Admnistration Building 3411 6442 (ext. 6442)
Ho Sin Hang Campus (HSHC): Level 2, Fong Shu Chuen Car Park 3411 5555 (ext. 5555)


Security Hotline
For emergency or assistance during non-office hours, please call the Security Hotline on 3411 7777 (ext. 7777).

4. Crime prevention
Various measures are adopted to prevent/fight against crimes on campus :
(a) CCTV camera and detex alarm lock in strategic location;
(b) panic alarm and special patrol team for female toilet;
(c) frequent patrol and plain cloth guard service;
(d) regular leaflet/poster to raise security awareness on campus; and
(e) contractor Work Reflective Vest System for contractor worker working on campus.


5. Traffic control & Car Parking
Traffic management and control on campus is an important duty of campus security to ensure smooth flow of traffic as well as safety on the campus roads.

Parking on campus is limited to vehicles holding valid parking permit of the University.

Type of Parking Permit : Type I - Full-time academic staff at the rank of Assistant Professor or above, teaching staff at the rank of Senior Lecturer or above, or a full-time non-teaching staff at Band F or above.
  Type II - Full-time staff
  Type III -
(i) Part-time evening
lecturer/instructor (including that teaching School of Continuing Education (SCE) course(s);
(ii) Part-time evening undergraduate/post-graduate stduent (taught postgraduate or research postgraduate); and
(iii) Part-time evening student of SCE and School of Chinese Medicine.
  Type IV - Full-time staff

Car Parks:
Location Parking Spaces Parking Hours
HSHC 81 From 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.  Overnight parking is not permitted except with prior consent from EO.
SC – Car Park A 14
SC – Car Park B 45
BURC – Car Park C (including Academic and Administration Building) 69
BURC – Communication and Visual Arts Building Car Park 32

6. Extenstion of Stay on Campus
For safety sake and security control purpose, staff/student staying on campus after 11 p.m. is required to make application to EO.

7. Night Escort Service
Staff/student who stays late on campus after 11:30 p.m. can request our night escort service by calling at one of our campus security control rooms.  Our guard will accompany staff/student to the main entrance or to get him/her a taxi home.

8. Gate pass
To safe guard the university property, moving of university equipment/furniture/assets etc. from the campus is required to apply for a gate pass from EO.  Security guard checks and records those properties moved out of the campus as well as information of the movers.

9. Lost and Found
All properties left by staff, students or visitors on campus should be reported to the campus security.  Bi-weekly updated list of unclaimed/lost properties is displayed on the security bulletin boards as well as the notice board and the website of EO.

Enquiry: SC/BURC    

Mr. Danny Wong

3411 5671 (ext. 5671)  
  Mr. John Wong 3411 5616 (ext. 5616)  

Last modified on 13 August 2015